OUR kitchen cabinet dream come true

This fall we are striping the kitchen woodwork too. Again a giant thanks to John Jontz and the crew for unusual patience in taking the woodwork under their care. They removed 114 years of petroleum distillate, varnishes, dirt, DNA and finishes of all kinds down to the saw blade marks.

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Queen Elizabeth's motion pictures

Its a good time for the interested readers to click on this link and see the east hay mow door operate. Good family story, a quickie. In the early '60's Russell, Leslie and I went out to grandma's barn to save the big east hay mow door from blowing into the field. It was flapping pretty hard against its tracks and threatening to jump track and fly away.

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Summer 2013 Museum Improvements

An interesting Russell Helms story is that he and I covered the paintable areas of both farm houses with cheesy vinyl siding. His reasoning was he was tiring of painting; well and good reasoning with me too! Now it becomes time to awaken ourselves that the siding did its chore in great fashion as it saved us from painting for thirty years!

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The Docent's biz trip highlight

Time away from the museum is of value too. Budgeting, planning, reset perspectives, listen to advice, diversions from mundane daily boilerplate! A few snapshot links from one trip to the water’s edge on Puget Sound.

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First time manageing ceilingpaper

Memorial Day 2013 and blogging about our new ceiling workflow decisions! Already well underway, check these picture links.

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Controlled burn of the prairie grass year 2013

A big thanks to John and Mary Neumayer for fire support on the morning of 27APR13. We had a perfect morning for simulating the great prairie fires that roared across the state in days gone by.
We have taken two seasons off from the burning process and the Big Bluestem was noticeably losing ground to weeds.

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