Revisiting the parlor

Mary Helms’ wallpaper border in the parlor was partially covered by the drop ceiling added for acoustical purposes. Then the border was sealed by quarterround and paneling added in the 60s. Once we took the paneling down I could not live with myself if I did not make every attempt to save it so you too could see it. Plus you can evaluate for yourslelf if it is a match with the Hibiskus wallpaper!
Let’s get right to it. The border was covered by these firring strips and the drop ceiling as in this shot here
The next shot we have for you is of the thumbprint ceiling paper, here
When the house was built the kids had a gas pipe system built into the walls. The pipes fed gas to lamps throughout the house and a unit in the basement that gassed off kerosene and presurized the system. The product was named the Sunlight Omega. For more than a lifetime a couple of the lamps have rested in the attic they being hanging ceiling fixtures part of the Sunlight Omega system. This next shot will be of the gas feed for the parlor hanging gas light fixture, here
And the last parlor shot for now is the results of the save the border program, here