Happy Valentine's Day

We have been busy since the last blog done for instructional purpose only. This blog entry will include a detail lacking from the last one. To get back from the photos in the Dropbox window, to the blog page in helmshaus.com, use your Back space key or click on the back arrow in the upper left of Firefox or Chromium. If your browser is Internet Explorer use the big blue back arrow button. If you hover on the button IE will inform you in the tool tip where you are bound to land!
Let’s get to some Valentine’s Day wallpaper shots for you. We adorned the Dining Room ceiling with off-white brush stroke in silver vintage ceiling paper. The best shot we have is a piece the artists stuck to the wall for final fit and feel, see it here. So that is the finished ceiling paper example. And now the concave window in Mary’s grand dining room, here. And in addition to the Dining room papered, the kitchen is done too. Sneak peep here.