Expanded interested readership

Well, chillins, we have an expanding list of interested readers. Let’s the old guard deliver the eye candy! Newby’s, to operate the site and get to remote-stored pictures to appear in your browser you want to click on the light blue links. Like this one here. That is a very cool picture of the ‘Handwriting on the wall” as found by Jeremy Jontz of Jontz Painting. That is a 113 year old signature of the painter/plasterer original on grandmother’s farmhouse. The signature, she patiently waited behind wallpaper for more than a century for our eyes to read. Who’s name is that; is it some family we know? Then to return to the helmshaus page use the back arrow in the top left of your browser or your back button on the keyboard. Then read more article to get to the next light blue. This is an instruction manual for the Sunlight Omega system. It was built into the house during construction and is a gas light system for lighting the interior. The manual is authentic, came with the house and is 115 years old. I have no idea if we will ever see it again in this catastrophic mess.