Chapter 3 Page2 The Bluestem Farm barn

These are some areas of concern regarding the barn in word and image! The first shot is taken toward the east of the interior, so, looking up at Leslie’s door. We possess the lumber to seal weather out of the barn already! We just need to organize an event to do the work and listen to what experts advise us to do. Please send us a counselor if you know one and write to us about how this detail in restoration is handled.
The second shot is Leslie’s door from the north east towards the south west. One can see at the top of the door’s track, the door has popped out. The grand old door is in danger of being tossed by the weather soon.
In the last two shots the boards have freeze/thawed and/or experienced wet and dry cycles pulling outside boards off of their structural members.
The last picture is of recent window damage with one pane out of the north east window.
In the mean time while we plan the window repair chore, we can claim some progress elsewhere. Volunteers and to a lesser extent family cleaned out the basement of the barn of many decades of livestock waste and bedding. Expensive mechanical power rigs were volunteered to save us from back breaking shovel duties; there was still plenty of that anyway. The depth of waste was impressive as can be seen by moisture on the walls illustrated in the shots below. Thanks to all and the window high on the east barn wall may be this week too still.

There is a little storm damage to the barn from just a few days ago in the wind and rain storms of May. Those last two pix in the slideshow are of the storm damage. We plan on working this downspout trouble starting on the 21st or 22nd. We think we have an upstanding help team arranged to assist us!

East barn interior.JPG - Click to enlarge.East sliding door.JPG - Click to enlarge.Northwest corner barn boards.JPG - Click to enlarge.Southeast corner barn boards.JPG - Click to enlarge.
BarnWindowMissing 002.jpg - Click to enlarge.BarnBasementHop031410.jpg - Click to enlarge.BarnBasementHop031510.jpg - Click to enlarge.Downspout Storm Damage March 10.jpg - Click to enlarge.
Bluestem Barn Downspout Storm Damage 2.jpg - Click to enlarge.