The bluestem farm barn downspout fix

A big thanks for the volunteers that contributed to the very fine downspout repair on the southwest corner of the barn. Russell and Clark spent time two years ago, among other endeavors, to prepare for the downspout replacement. We witched for the underground drainage system that was put in circa 1915 and improved her health considerably with clean out operations, removing roots and mud. Also, dug up and replaced several broken tile between the barn and the ditch where the storm sewer outlet is. We thought we were ready to move water (much water) from the big barn roof, down to the commercial grade gutter, down the spout and into the underground system!

sw barn downspout repair.jpg - Click to enlarge.
Check out that cleanout access at the ground level!

sw barn downspout repair2a.jpg - Click to enlarge.
looks great

sw corner shot of downspout repair.jpg - Click to enlarge.
Wow that’s high!