Bluestem barn south cattleshed door repair

This big task was a long time in planning and then performed rather quickly, sticking to that 2/3, 1/3 rule of planning. We listened to much advice and I hope the advisers can see their input in the final result. A grateful thank you to the Neumayer’s inputs and help.
This great antique barn is about as close to a living school as one might want to encounter. She has taught us attention to detail and networking with real-world experts to begin learning what it takes to keep her great. She has taught us and continues to rap our knuckles with lessons of economics as we allocate resources in a time of very tight budget realities…for her insatiable appetite for TLC!
One example is this south cattlefeeder door repair project, check out the pix we will fill in with copy as time permits; meanwhile, ladies and gentlemen…to the barns!

Bluestem barn south cattlefeeder door repair.jpg - Click to enlarge.
New door old door and hole to be filled

Bluestem barn south cattlefeeder door repair2.jpg - Click to enlarge.
The old equipment and the new 64 square foot door!