About us

The Helms Farm

The Helms Farm was started by individuals in Iowa Working at the dawn of the previous century, the owners built a beautiful farm that still houses the ancestors of that founding family.

The Bluestem Farmhouse
The Bluestem Farmhouse
Looking to the future we have the following goals:
  • Because of the intense energy that Charles and Mary Helms invested it is only proper to put these acres into a farm conservancy project.
  • To memorialize their efforts through providing a lasting source of historical and educational experience.
  • To educate and benefit the many children and adults who have little knowledge of farming before the internal combustion engine became the motive power in soil preparation, planting, tending, harvesting and marketing.

Meet the Family

The family that looks after the Bluestem Farm (you can email someone at the farm by clicking on any of the names below):

Russell Helms

Patsy Helms

Clark Helms

The Bluestem Corn Crib

The Bluestem Corn Crib, circa 1940

At The Bluestem Farm we strive to increase awareness of the agricultural practices that built the State of Iowa into a food value leader. We have much material of interest to people interested in interacting with american agricultural history.

By the way, browse to one of our family friend's Web site and consider whether either or both of us can be of help to you. To do that, click on the link below!

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