Kitchen work, finished product

Grandma papered her kitchen but painted her pantry. To stick with what we found on her papering that was closest to the lath and plaster surface we settled on this very red but welcoming paper as can be seen here.
Then a view of the trophy shelf above the cupboards here.

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Happy Valentine's Day

We have been busy since the last blog done for instructional purpose only. This blog entry will include a detail lacking from the last one. To get back from the photos in the Dropbox window, to the blog page in, use your Back space key or click on the back arrow in the upper left of Firefox or Chromium. If your browser is Internet Explorer use the big blue back arrow button.

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Expanded interested readership

Well, chillins, we have an expanding list of interested readers. Let’s the old guard deliver the eye candy! Newby’s, to operate the site and get to remote-stored pictures to appear in your browser you want to click on the light blue links. Like this one here.

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Is the house plumb?

Lightly out of plumb we see. However, close enough to plumb the paper and not create a perceptible difference for casual observers. See the finished ceiling here.

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Wallpapering the Dining Room Ceiling

Milestones we have not chosen to set during the restoration. Rather, we recognise what is a milestone is when we get there. One of them, had we set any milestones, would certainly be the closing out of the preparations for ceiling and wallpaper for the whole downstairs. Took three years plus!

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Revisiting the parlor

Mary Helms’ wallpaper border in the parlor was partially covered by the drop ceiling added for acoustical purposes. Then the border was sealed by quarterround and paneling added in the 60s. Once we took the paneling down I could not live with myself if I did not make every attempt to save it so you too could see it.

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